low carb canned tomato soup you must absolutely try

If you care about your diet and calorie intake, then you must absolutely try low carb dishes and we aim to provide you with information regarding canned tomato soup which is perfect for people on diet.

Rich and creamy, this keto tomato soup recipe is bursting with tomato flavor. Actually, when I make this low-carb, keto-friendly tomato soup for my friends and family, they have no idea it’s even soup. Each cup of this has only a little more than 3 NET CARBS, so I’m definitely down with making it! Indeed, you’ve found one of the finest keto soup recipes available.

This homemade keto tomato soup is a wintertime must-have in my house.

At this point, you might be wondering, “Are tomatoes keto?”

Indeed, that is the correct response. Tomatoes are widely regarded as a healthy option for those following the ketogenic diet, provided they are consumed in moderation. Since they are botanically classified as a fruit rather than a vegetable, tomatoes have fewer carbohydrates and sugars than many other common fruits.

However, many commercially available tomato broths have sugars added to them. In addition, sugar is digested as a carbohydrate, therefore processed tomato products are generally avoided by those on the ketogenic diet.

For this reason, the broth in this keto-friendly tomato soup dish is made from raw tomatoes. By using raw tomatoes, you may avoid the processed tomato broth’s additional sugars and give your broth a more handmade flavor.

As an added bonus, homemade tomato broth has a richer flavor and is heartier and more substantial than store-bought broth. Each and every sip, slurp, and scoop of this soup is bursting with the flavor of its unmatched freshness, which, I don’t know about you, is something I truly enjoy.


The ingredients for this keto-friendly tomato soup are simple, and the soup itself is quite simple to create. What you will require is listed below.

Tomatas frescas (preferably Roma tomatoes)

Oil of olives

Young bulbs of garlic

The Flavor of Chicken Soup

“Provence Herbs”

A dash of salt and pepper for the tassel

Intensely rich basil cream (optional)

As a quick aside, you should know that tomatoes come in a wide variety of flavors and colors. Tomato broth can be made with just about any kind of tomato. Although there are many types of tomatoes available, Roma tomatoes are typically the preferred variety because of their paste-like consistency and small number of seeds.

To thicken the soup before serving, you can add the heavy cream, but that’s not required.

Herbs de Provence is just a fancy name for a blend of herbs and spices that typically includes thyme, basil, rosemary, oregano, and bay leaf, but that’s not all there is to it! If you don’t have a bottle of herbs de Provence on hand, you can substitute these individual ingredients according to your preference.


Tomato soup, then, is a widely-loved dish not just due to its flavor but also to its simplicity of preparation.

Making soup from a can is as simple as placing the soup in a saucepan and warming it over a stove.

However, it’s nearly as simple to make tomato soup at home, plus it’s MUCH HEALTHIER! Tomato soup is easy to make from scratch, requiring only six or seven common ingredients and a few basic processes.

Tomato soup was one of the few foods I ate as a child, and that’s saying something. This keto tomato soup dish isn’t just fantastic for you, but it may also be a great low-carb supper for your finicky eaters at home.

Also, tomato soup without toasted cheese? Not very appetizing. You have to have grilled cheese with tomato soup if you’re going to make soup, right?

Thankfully, I also have a fantastic grilled cheese dish that is keto-friendly on my youtube channel. So if you’re looking for some crispy cheesy pleasure to accompany your soup, you should check it out.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can’t go wrong with this grilled cheese and tomato soup combo. Could it be?!


In the beginning, set the oven temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The next step is to spread the tomatoes and garlic out in a baking dish and then sprinkle the olive oil over the top.

Put the tomatoes and garlic in the oven and roast for about 25 minutes.

To blend the tomatoes (Step 2)

You should now peel the tomatoes. The heat from baking should make them pliable enough that the skins can be peeled off with minimal effort.

Put the garlic cloves and tomato chunks in a blender and purée them. Combine the two in a blender until they form a smooth, semi-solid mass.

Third Step: Preparing the Tomatoes

Finally, transfer the blended tomato foundation to a saucepan. Then, season to taste after adding the chicken broth and Herbs de Provence.

The next step is to start the boiler and stir the mixture occasionally as it comes to a boil.

Adding a little bit of water or cream at a time will help thin out the soup if it’s still too thick. The soup should be thick enough so that it can be easily spooned but not so thick that it would be difficult to chew.

Bring the pot to a boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 3 minutes. After that, remove from heat and allow to settle for a couple of minutes before topping with cream and serving.

In that case, you now know how to prepare tomato soup without using too many carbohydrates. A large cup of this keto-friendly tomato soup is the ultimate in soothing and satisfying food.

Each cup only contains roughly 3 net carbs, which is insane considering how much like Campbell’s tomato soup it tastes.

It’s a guaranteed hit with anyone, low-carb dieter or not. The low-carb soup is so tasty that even kids love it.

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