Chicken afritada tomato paste an easy favorite food for family

This local afritada chicken food is guaranteed to become an easy favorite among the members of your family. It is brimming with whole chicken pieces, large chunks of potatoes and carrots, and is braised in a savory tomato paste till tender.

How do you make afritada delicious?

It’s a stew, and it’s cooked with chicken, so the afritada recipe automatically has two things going for it that make it irresistible. Because it’s a stew, you already know that the food has been cooked for a while, which means that the flavors have had time to develop and the dish has gotten even more delectable as a result.

Tomatoes reach their full potential after being allowed sufficient time to mingle with various other components.

Because the chicken is preserved in its whole form throughout the preparation of the afritada, every component of the meat, including the bone, contributes to the overall flavor of the meal.

The finished product is an aromatic chicken and tomato stew that has been made heartier by the addition of vegetables and has become more flavorful over time.

This recipe for Basic Chicken Afritada might be easy to follow, but it sure is delicious, and it has the authentic flavor of this well-liked Filipino meal. When I’m in the mood for a straightforward meal of chicken stew, I prepare it in this manner. Follow my other recipe for chicken afritada for an additional method of preparing this dish.

This dish calls for chicken pieces that are prepared with the bone and skin still attached. The chicken should be cut up into serving pieces.

You have complete control over the size of each individual piece. In order to prepare this recipe, I used a whole chicken that was approximately of medium size.

My family prefers it when it is chopped into medium to decent sized pieces, therefore that is how it was prepared for them. If you have a large group of people coming over to eat your Chicken Afritada, you might want to cut the chicken into smaller pieces and maybe add a few more carrots and potatoes.

In this recipe, I call for chicken broth that I’ve purchased from the store. Either ordinary chicken stock or chicken cubes can be used here.

If you are going to use chicken cubes, which are also sometimes referred to as chicken bouillon, then you will need to add two to two and a half cups of water. It shouldn’t make a difference whether you use broth or a cube; the flavor should be fantastic either way.

When we make tomato-based stew, we typically utilize tomato sauce as the base ingredient. Have you ever prepared a dish using tomato paste, or should I say, have you ever attempted to prepare a dish using tomato paste?

You should take advantage of this opportunity to try out and become familiar with this component as soon as possible. The flavor should be identical to that of tomato sauce, but the tomato paste will give your dish a more substantial consistency. You may always achieve the desired consistency by adding additional broth or water.

I believe that it is important to point out that using dried bay leaves is one of the most important factors that contributed to the overall success of this basic chicken afritada. On the other hand, seeing as how this is supposed to be a basic recipe, I made this component voluntary. In order to improve the overall flavor of the dish, I strongly suggest using it.

One of my mother’s signature meals, and unfortunately, her little secret has gotten out. There is this slogan in Tagalog, “Sarsa pa lang ulam na!”.

And this Afritada is the ideal example of how well it suits. It means something along the lines of how the sauce on its own is deserving of being considered a viand. Does that make sense? After you’ve given this dish a shot, you’ll know for sure.

Chicken is the typical choice for the meat component of this well-liked meal from the Philippines. In some cases, pig, beef, and seafood are substituted in its place. The pork, carrots, potatoes, and red bell pepper are braised together in tomato sauce as part of the dish.

A delectable dish that is appropriate for any important event. However, because to the fact that it is quite simple to prepare, it is also frequently used for meals that are consumed on a daily basis. Because of its high fat content, it is typically eaten with unflavored rice that has been cooked.

The following table compares and contrasts the two dishes, excluding the (no longer) top-secret components that my mother uses in each of them.

The Chicken Afritada that my mama makes is one of the recipes that is requested the most, and making it is one of my Afritada goals. The issue is that she does not employ precise measures; instead, she simply trusts her instincts and listens to what her taste buds have to say.

She did, however, provide the identities of her top-secret components to me. butter or margarine, cheese, and canned or jarred meat products.

These are the finishing touches that she adds, and they make the dish more decadent and velvety.

You can substitute margarine for the butter if you like. However, the recipe that my mama uses calls for the inclusion of margarine, namely Dari Creme.

Concerning the cheese, I have a strong suspicion that she makes use of the processed cheese that is available in the Philippines, such as Kraft cheese (Eden).

When processed cheese is used in cooking, the difference is that it melts, or more accurately, dissolves into the sauce that it is being used in. In contrast to the (genuine) cheeses that I was accustomed to using while I lived in Germany, this one melts, but it does not completely incorporate into the sauce.

In typical preparations, afritada calls for chicken, whereas menudo calls for swine flesh and liver in addition to hotdogs.

Either tomato sauce or tomato paste can be used to make the sauce for either one. Both of these dishes contain vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and bell peppers. In some recipes for menudo, you’ll find that green peas and raisins are incorporated.

Because butter was added, afritada has a richer texture.


When I look at other people’s Afritada recipes, I see why some people get it confused with Menudo, which is just chicken cooked in a different way. This is due to the fact that some people prepare both foods in an essentially same manner. As I was growing up, the distinction between the two was always clear to me because my mother’s afritada is nothing like menudo.

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